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Ariel dowmy 3kg

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Ariel Downy Original Automatic Concentrated Washing Powder is laundry detergent for non automatic and for semi automatic machines. Ariel provides bursts of freshness and leaves your clothes smelling great all day long. Whether you are washing a great pile of whites, or a tiny load of coloured garments, you can measure out the right amount of powder you need for your wash and the powder should be dosed directly into the washing machine dispenser drawer.Though all precautions and care have been taken to provide product information correct to the core,  Goshoppi  or It’s merchant store does guarantee the content exhibited, in terms of ingredients and images etc., is correct always. Products continuously keep changing or revised to improve. So ingredients, contents, images, dietary and allergens may change from time to time.  Goshoppi   or It’s merchant store advise the customers to go through the product information and not to depend entirely on the information furnished by  Goshoppi   or It’s merchant stores on the website.


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