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Ariel, detergent power 1kg ,35oz

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Ariel has been a household name known for superior cleaning results, and the Ariel Detergent Power 1kg (35oz) is no exception. This powerful laundry detergent is designed to tackle tough stains and dirt, ensuring your clothes come out brilliantly clean, every time.Formulated with advanced stain-removing technology, Ariel Detergent Power effectively lifts and removes even the most stubborn stains, leaving your garments looking as good as new. From grass stains to coffee spills, Ariel has you covered.The 1kg (35oz) packaging offers great value for your money, providing enough detergent to handle numerous laundry loads, making it an economical choice for households of all sizes.

Ariel is known for its efficient cleaning performance, even in cold water, helping you save on energy costs while still achieving remarkable results. Plus, it leaves your clothes with a fresh and invigorating scent that lingers long after the wash.Trust Ariel, a brand with a long history of delivering exceptional laundry solutions, to provide the cleanliness and freshness your clothes deserve. Make the Ariel Detergent Power 1kg (35oz) your go-to laundry partner and experience the confidence of wearing clean, stain-free clothes day in and day out.


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