Delivery and Pick up Process

  • All orders can be picked up in store
  • We only deliver orders that totals 5000f or more
  • We deliver everywhere in Dakar
  • Orders for Dakar received before noon will be delivered the same day
  • Orders for Dakar received after noon will be delivered the next day
Red delivery van in a row of white vans. Best express delivery and shipemt service concept.

Delivery Fees

ZONES Delivery Fees Tarifs de Livraison ZONES Delivery Fees Tarifs de Livraison
Almadies 2000f Liberté 1000f
Amitié 1000f Mamelles 2000f
Cambérène 2500f Médina 1000f
Castors 1500f Mermoz 1000f
Colobane 1000f Ngor 2000f
Diamalaye 2000f Ouakam 2000f
Dieuppeul 1000f Parcelles Assainies 2000f
Fann 1000f Pattes d’Oie 2000f
Fass 1000f Pikine 2500f
Foire 1500f Plateau 2000f
Golf 2500f Point E 1000f
Grand Dakar 1000f Sacré Coeur 1000f
Grand Yoff 1500f Sipres 1500f
Guediawaye 2500f Yoff 2000f
Hann Mariste 2000f Zone de captage 1500f

We will call the customer to confirm the order prior to processing. If the customer cannot be reached within 24 hours, the order will be cancelled.

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