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Tgin argan replenishing hair & body serum 4 oz

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For Hair: Our herbal replenishing serum with argan, coconut, jojoba and Vitamin E oils will nourish your hair, and leave your strands soft, shiny and easy to manage. Great for twist outs, blow drying, curling, roller setting, hot oil treatments, and as an overnight deep conditioner. Our light non-greasy formula also helps to seal in moisture leaving dry skin soft, smooth and healthy, naturally.

For skin: For best results, smooth the Argan Replenishing serum onto hands, face, legs, and feet as needed. Argan oil softens and hydrates your skin – giving your skin a more natural boost. This natural moisturizing serum is non-greasy, non-irritating and absorbs easily.

  • NOURISHES HAIR, FACE AND BODY: Our Argan Replenishing Hair and Body Serum uses coconut oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E oils to seal in moisture for vibrant, soft, and smooth hair and skin.
  • GREAT SMELL: Though organic Argan oil normally has an unpleasant smell, our serum has a welcoming fragrance thanks to the other oils and full hibiscus petals, all of which help to nourish your hair.
  • PROMOTES HAIR HEALTH: Our serum is enriched with both Coconut oil, to gently cleanse your hair, and Argan oil, to reduce breakage and increase moisture retention for moisturized and healthy hair.
  • EXTREMELY DIVERSE: Our flexible formula is great for twist outs, blow drying, curling, roller setting, hot oil treatments, or as an overnight conditioner.
  • NATIONAL RECOGINTION: Our products have been featured in several publications such as Essence, Ebony, Marie Claire, Black Enterprise, USA Today, Heart and Soul, and Sophisticate’s Black Hair.

Tgin Argan Replenishing Hair & Body Serum is a multi-purpose elixir that delivers ultimate hydration and nourishment. This 4 oz serum is infused with high-quality argan oil, known for its extraordinary moisturizing properties. It works wonders on both your hair and body, revitalizing and replenishing dry, dull skin and hair. Whether you’re seeking a lightweight hair serum for shine and manageability or a luxurious body oil for silky-soft skin, Tgin Argan Replenishing Serum has you covered. This versatile, non-greasy formula is suitable for all hair and skin types and is free from harmful chemicals. Elevate your beauty routine with this transformative serum and enjoy the radiance and vitality it brings to both your hair and skin.


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