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Tabasco Sriracha

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A Louisiana twist on the classic Thai recipe, our sriracha sauce is a masterful blend of all the spicy, sweet and savory flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine. Each batch of TABASCO Sriracha Sauce is made from sweet chilis, Thai spices and Avery Island red peppers for a thick and rich flavor experience. The addition of our classic, oak-barrel aged Red Sauce brings a bold kick of flavor to the signature Thai sriracha recipe. Known for it’s versatility, sriracha is typically a thick and tangy utility sauce that suits just about any dish.

With a serving size set at one teaspoon, there are approximately 329 servings at only five calories each within every half gallon jug of TABASCO Sriracha. Our sriracha sauce contains no gluten and has undergone orthodox kosher-compliance assessment to become a certified kosher product. Free from preservatives, the sauce’s ingredients consist of red jalapeño peppers, water, sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar, Xanthan gum and TABASCO Original Red Sauce.

Sriracha sauce is a global culinary icon. It can be found in restaurants, superstores and kitchen cabinets across the country, spicing up just about anything on the dinner table. Our own TABASCO Premium Sriracha Sauce derives from the original flavor of sriracha, topped off with a kick of our oak barrel-aged Original Red Sauce.

Tabasco Sriracha Sauce is the perfect fusion of authentic Thai flavors and the bold, fiery kick that Tabasco is famous for. Made from sun-ripened red jalapeño peppers, this sauce delivers a harmonious balance of sweet and spicy, with a hint of garlic. It’s a versatile condiment that adds depth and excitement to your favorite dishes. Whether drizzled on noodles, used as a marinade, or added to soups and stir-fries, Tabasco Sriracha Sauce elevates your culinary creations. With the iconic Tabasco quality, you can trust in the perfect blend of heat and flavor. Spice up your meals and embrace the irresistible allure of Tabasco Sriracha Sauce.


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