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Sprite 35 Pack 12 oz

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Sprite 35 Pack 12 oz.Sprite has 100% natural Flavors, no caffeine and is perfectly clear.Sprite, now available in a convenient 35-pack of 12 oz cans. Sprite has been a beloved and refreshing choice for generations, and this multipack ensures you’ll always have your favorite lemon-lime soda at your fingertips.Sprite’s crisp and tangy flavor profile, with its signature blend of lemon and lime, provides a delightful burst of refreshment with every sip. Its effervescent bubbles and zesty taste make it the ideal companion for any occasion, from picnics to parties, and everything in between.

This 35-pack of 12 oz cans is perfect for stocking up your home, office, or event, ensuring you’re prepared to quench the thirst of family and friends. The convenient can size is not only portable but also recyclable, making it an environmentally conscious choice.Sprite is caffeine-free and has no artificial colors, making it a light and refreshing option suitable for all ages. Whether you enjoy it on its own, mix it with your favorite beverages, or use it as a base for creative cocktails, Sprite is a versatile and timeless classic.Upgrade your beverage game with the Sprite 35-pack of 12 oz cans and enjoy the sparkling lemon-lime refreshment you know and love. With this multipack, you’re guaranteed to have a fizzy and flavorful beverage on hand whenever you need it.


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