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Pepsi , 24 oz

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An iconic, carbonated soft drink recognized all around the world, the bold, refreshing flavor of Pepsi soda pop satisfies taste buds and quenches thirst. Grab a can and savor the moment.


  • Pepsi—the bold, refreshing, robust cola
  • Perfect for stocking your office pantry, store or vending machine
  • A bold, refreshing, robust cola
  • Great for convenience stores and concessions

Pepsi in the 24 oz bottle is the perfect refreshment for those moments when you need a satisfying and thirst-quenching drink. This classic carbonated beverage offers the iconic and bold Pepsi flavor that has been a favorite for generations. With its larger size, it provides you with more of the delicious Pepsi taste to enjoy during your day. Whether you’re enjoying it with a meal, sharing it with friends, or simply indulging in a solo beverage break, Pepsi in the 24 oz bottle delivers a crisp and invigorating experience that hits the spot. Grab one today and savor the timeless taste of Pepsi.


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