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Neocell Corporation, Super Collagen Plus With Vitamin C And Hyaluronic Acid, 6.46 Oz

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COLLAGEN POWDER: Hydrolyzed collagen can provide some of the building blocks our bodies need to make collagen and other proteins like keratin, which is found in our nails and hair; package may vary
HEALTHY HAIR, SKIN AND NAILS: Super Collagen Plus contains hyaluronic acid for skin hydration, antioxidants for free radical cell support, making you look radiantly beautiful from the inside out*
HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN: NeoCell uses an advanced manufacturing process called hydrolysis that converts large collagen molecules into small peptides that may become bioavailable in the body
HOW TO TAKE: To make, simply dissolve 1 scoop of Super Collagen Plus in your favorite beverage or smoothie or add to a recipe and enjoy the benefits of collagen daily
KETO FRIENDLY COLLAGEN POWDER: This NeoCell Super Collagen supplement powder is Keto certified, IGEN Non-GMO Tested, gluten free and contains no artificial flavors


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