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Krusteaz, butter milk Pancake mix just add water 32oz.

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Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix is one of our most popular mixes for so many reasons: the fluffy deliciousness, that perfect touch of creamy buttermilk and our easy-to-make, just-add-water mix. These mouthwatering pancakes are great on their own or customized with your favorite toppings and mix-ins. Try Krusteaz with fresh berries and nuts. Substitute coffee for water, add nutmeg and whipped cream, and voila…Spiced Cappuccino Krusteaz Pancakes for Sunday brunch! The possibilities are endless when you open a box of Krusteaz. This order includes one, 32-ounce box. With Krusteaz there’s just one rule. Make. It. Happen. Our easy-to-make mixes were made with makers in mind. So open a box, open your imagination and ready, set, make! Fun fact: it is physically impossible to be sad eating a pancake. That’s why those who say they’re not a “morning person” have clearly never experienced Krusteaz buttermilk deliciousness. Light, fluffy, and sweet, Krusteaz pancakes can truly make your day. So start your morning with a stack and a smile.


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