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Jumex Mango Nectar – 11.3 fl oz Can

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Enjoy the flavorful and refreshing taste of Jumex mango nectars, the top selling nectar flavor in the U.S. Truly irresistible, mangoes, in addition to their sweet creamy fruit flavoring, have been known to have a range of health benefits. In addition to their great taste, these nectars provide a good source of vitamins and antioxidants. Imagine that, super-tasty and also healthy and good for you. Ideal for packing in lunches or on-the-go snacking, our mango nectar is ideal for a stand-alone drink and also a must have for smoothies and mixed drinks. Also available in larger package options, our mango nectars are perfect for a family outing or a friendly get-together, just make sure you have enough sweetness and liquid love for everyone. With a wide assortment of fruit flavors and flavorful options, Jumex has become the preferred fruit nectar brand in the U.S. Quickly growing in popularity and preference among a diverse consumer base, Jumex has now become the top selling fruit nectar brand in the U.S.


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