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Hershey’s milk chocolate almonds 4.25 oz

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There’s happy, and then there’s HERSHEY’S happy. Made of the delectable, creamy milk chocolate that’s been a classic for decades, HERSHEY’S milk chocolate with almond bars make life more delicious whether they’re enjoyed alone or shared with loved ones. These extra-large chocolate candy bars are the perfect treat for countless special and everyday occasions. Keep some on hand for guests, and store some in your pantry for convenient snacking when the mood strikes. Show up to movie night with a box of HERSHEY’S bars with almonds to share with attendees and please the whole crowd. Share a little love with HERSHEY’S candy! Offer up KISSES candies at breaktime or full size bars in stockings, Easter baskets, and trick-or-treat bowls. HERSHEY’S smooth milk chocolate candy bars can be served on their own, melted inside a s’more or on top of your favorite baked goods. Ready to break apart and share, these timeless treats are a classic for a reason. Nothing beats the classic summertime combination of graham crackers, melty marshmallows, and HERSHEY’S milk chocolate bars.


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