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Haribo goldbears sour

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Satisfy your snack cravings at any time with this Gold Bear Haribo Gummi Candy. It’s America’s number-one selling brand with a little twist. Enjoy this gummi bears candy with a mildly sour, tangy coating. There are five tasty flavors to choose from. Kids and grown-ups both love them, making it fun to share when watching a movie or television show. These original gummy bears come in a 25.6-oz party size. Package of 1
Gummi bears candy comes in a 25.6-oz resealable bag
Contains 5 fruity sour flavors: lemon (yellow), orange (orange), pineapple (white), raspberry (red), strawberry (green)
Suitable for sharing, snacking, decorating and topping desserts
A party favorite
Enjoy America’s #1 Selling Gummi Bear
Fun to share with loved ones when watching a movie or show


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