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Member’s Mark Clear Cutlery Combo Pack, 360 Count

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The Member’s Mark Clear Cutlery Combo Pack with 360 counts is a convenient and disposable cutlery set often used for various events, gatherings, parties, picnics, and everyday use. Here are some key details about this cutlery combo pack:

  1. Combo Pack Contents: The Member’s Mark Clear Cutlery Combo Pack typically includes a combination of disposable plastic utensils, including forks, knives, and spoons. The exact quantity of each type of utensil may vary, but it is designed to provide a well-rounded set of cutlery for a variety of meal types.
  2. Material: The cutlery in this combo pack is usually made of clear or translucent plastic. It is designed for one-time use and is not intended for long-term durability or reuse.
  3. Design: The design of the cutlery is typically simple and functional, allowing for efficient use during meals and food service. The clear or neutral color complements various table settings and themes.
  4. Quantity: With 360 pieces in the combo pack, you have an ample supply of disposable cutlery to serve a large number of guests or for extended use at home.
  5. Versatility: Member’s Mark Clear Cutlery Combo Packs are versatile and can be used for a wide range of occasions, from casual family dinners to formal gatherings. They are also convenient for outdoor events where washing and reusing utensils may not be practical.
  6. Convenience: Disposable cutlery is convenient because it eliminates the need for washing dishes after a meal. Once used, the cutlery can be disposed of, saving time and effort in cleanup.
  7. Storage: The cutlery combo pack is typically packaged in a convenient storage container, making it easy to access and transport the utensils to your event or for everyday use.
  8. Recycling: It’s important to check your local recycling guidelines to see if the plastic cutlery is recyclable in your area. Some plastics may or may not be accepted in recycling programs.

Member’s Mark Clear Cutlery Combo Pack, with its assortment of forks, knives, and spoons, offers a practical and disposable solution for your dining needs. It’s especially useful for larger gatherings or when you prefer the convenience of disposable utensils. Remember to dispose of the cutlery properly in accordance with your local waste disposal regulations or recycling guidelines.


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