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Clairol, BW 2 dedusted extra strength

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Clairol BW 2 Dedusted Extra Strength is a hair bleaching or lightening powder often used for professional hair coloring and highlighting. Here are some key details about this product:

  1. Hair Bleaching Powder: Clairol BW 2 Dedusted Extra Strength is a hair bleaching powder designed to lighten hair by removing its natural color pigment. It is commonly used when someone wants to achieve a significantly lighter hair shade.
  2. Dedusted Formula: The “dedusted” formulation means that this product has been processed to minimize the production of airborne particles, making it easier and more comfortable to use without excessive dust.
  3. Extra Strength: The “extra strength” designation indicates that this bleach powder is formulated to provide powerful lightening action. It can be effective in lightening dark hair to achieve desired blonde or lighter shades.
  4. Ammonia-Free: Some versions of Clairol BW 2 Dedusted Extra Strength may be ammonia-free, which can be gentler on the hair and scalp compared to formulas containing ammonia. However, it’s essential to check the specific product label for the formulation.
  5. Developer Required: Clairol BW 2 Dedusted Extra Strength is typically used in combination with a developer (peroxide) to activate the lightening process. The developer’s strength can vary, and the choice of developer strength depends on the desired level of lightening.
  6. Professional Use: This product is often used by professional hairstylists in salons. It requires proper knowledge and skill to achieve the desired results and to ensure the safety of the hair and scalp.
  7. Patch Test: It’s important to perform a patch test before applying any hair bleach or lightener to the entire head. This helps ensure that the product is well-tolerated and does not cause adverse reactions.
  8. Processing Time: The length of time Clairol BW 2 Dedusted Extra Strength is left on the hair can vary depending on the desired level of lightening and the developer used. The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed carefully.
  9. Availability: Clairol professional hair products, including BW 2 Dedusted Extra Strength, are typically available at beauty supply stores and professional hair salons.
  10. Caution: Hair bleaching products can be damaging to hair if not used correctly. It’s essential to follow the instructions, avoid overlapping applications, and take proper care of the hair before and after bleaching to maintain its health and condition.

Clairol BW 2 Dedusted Extra Strength is a potent hair bleaching powder intended for professional use. If you are considering lightening your hair, it’s advisable to consult with a professional hairstylist who can recommend the appropriate products and techniques based on your hair type and desired results. Additionally, perform a strand test and follow safety precautions when using hair bleach at home.


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