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chocolate Toast Crunch

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Taste the chocolatey twist on your favorite crazy squares with General Mills Chocolate Toast Crunch Cereal. Each crispy, chocolatey square is loaded with real cocoa, then dusted with that irresistible cinnamon sugar mix. It’s a combination so good, it came back by popular demand. Just pour a bowl and add milk. Don’t forget to slurp up the delicious cereal milk at the bottom of your bowl after you enjoy every crunchy bite. Parents like that each serving of the chocolatey cinnamon cereal provides whole grains, vitamins and minerals as part of a delicious kids breakfast cereal. The crunchy kids cereal is a favorite with grown ups, too. Enjoy this naturally flavored chocolate cereal any way you like. Sprinkle the squares over a sundae as crispy ice cream toppings. Nibble from a bowlful as party snacks. Or bag some up as school snacks for kids. This 12-ounce Family Size cereal box contains about 13 servings of sweetened rice and whole wheat cereal and is an official participating Box Tops product to help support education. Whether you’re looking for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, delicious kids snacks or a breakfast food for the whole family, General Mills cereals spread goodness from tots to grown-ups.


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