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Charleston Chew is a classic American candy that has been enjoyed for many decades. It’s known for its unique chewy, nougat-like texture and chocolate coating. Here are some key details about Charleston Chew:

  1. History: Charleston Chew was first introduced in 1922 by the Fox-Cross Candy Company, which later became known as Tootsie Roll Industries. It has since become a beloved and iconic candy in the United States.
  2. Texture: Charleston Chew has a distinctive texture. The inside consists of a flavored, fluffy, and chewy nougat-like center, which is often flavored with chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. This nougat center is coated in a layer of milk chocolate.
  3. Flavors: While the original flavor is vanilla nougat with a milk chocolate coating, Charleston Chew is also available in chocolate and strawberry flavors. The chocolate flavor features chocolate nougat, while the strawberry version has a strawberry-flavored nougat center.
  4. Packaging: Charleston Chew is typically sold as a long, rectangular bar that can be broken into smaller pieces for easier consumption. It is often wrapped in distinctive blue packaging.
  5. Bite or Stretch: Charleston Chew has a unique feature that allows you to enjoy it in two ways. You can either bite into it for a satisfying chewy experience or, for a different texture, you can freeze it and then stretch and pull it, creating a taffy-like consistency.
  6. Classic Candy: Charleston Chew has remained a classic candy over the years and is often associated with nostalgia. It’s a popular choice for people who appreciate retro sweets.
  7. Variety: In addition to the classic bars, Charleston Chew is sometimes available in bite-sized, individually wrapped pieces for convenient snacking.
  8. Availability: Charleston Chew is widely available in the candy sections of supermarkets, convenience stores, and online retailers. It is often sold in various pack sizes to suit different preferences.

Charleston Chew is a fun and timeless candy that offers a unique combination of flavors and textures. Whether you enjoy it by biting into the bar or stretching it into a chewy treat, it provides a delightful candy experience that has stood the test of time.


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