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Aloevine aloe vera drink strawberry 50,7 oz

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Aloevine is a ready to drink delicious, refreshing alternative to sodas and artificial juices.Crafted with 8% fresh Aloe Vera gel pulp and natural and/or artificial fruity flavors, Aloe Vera contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids to promote wellness.Enjoy all 13 different flavors from pineapple to coconut and kiwi, or look for our Aloevine Organics.*Aloevine is shelf stable for up to two years.Aloevine grew into the company it is today from a place of honest dedication. From personally learning all about Aloe Vera drinks in our kitchen with our friends and family to sharing it with our communities, our journey pushes us to educate and innovate. Just as our very first customers supported us with their enthusiasm, we support our customers by giving them quality, tasty Aloe Vera drinks, and all benefits to wellness that come with it.


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