Yolélé Fonio

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Yolélé Fonio – High Protein – Gluten-Free – 10 oz

LIGHT + FLUFFY NUTTY GRAIN: Non-GMO, organically grown, 100% ancient West African grain. Fast and easy to cook: ready to eat in just FIVE minutes. A half cup dry fonio makes over two cups cooked (higher yield than any other grain). Yolélé fonio is light and fluffy and has a lovely nutty, earthy flavor. It absorbs other flavors and seasonings perfectly- a perfect rice substitute. Yolélé fonio is pre-washed and cleaned so you don’t have to.
POWERFUL ANCIENT AFRICAN GRAIN NUTRITION: Fonio is a good source of fiber, iron, and protein, as well as B-vitamins, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, and zinc. Fonio contains especially high levels of antioxidants and the amino acids methionine and cysteine (which promote hair, skin, and nail growth) and are deficient in all other grains. The amino acids in fonio help maintain lean muscle mass and have the composition most similar to that of an egg: the perfect protein.
SO EASY + VERSATILE: Fonio can be used to replace any grain including rice, quinoa, or couscous, and is absolutely delicious in: tabouleh, grain bowls, veggie burgers, crab cakes, pancakes, brownies, granola, pilafs, stuffed peppers, stir fries, grits, polenta, hot cereal, and so much more (even sushi!). Enjoy it in sweet or savory recipes. Cook it on the stove, in the microwave, or with a rice cooker or steamer.
FITS DIETARY NEEDS: Yolélé fonio is certified gluten-free, allergen-free, low glycemic index, and Kof-K kosher. Yolélé fonio is alkaline, vegan (of course), low FODMAP, and prized by pregrant and nursing mothers for its digestibility and aid in lactation. With a low glycemic index, it’s perfect for diabetics and pre-diabetics, providing sustained energy that won’t spike blood sugar and helps you feel full longer.
Yolélé was founded by acclaimed Senegalese chef and cookbook author Pierre Thiam