Wesson Pure Canola Oil,128 fl oz (3, 79L)

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Good for your Heart, Pure Wesson Canola Oil is the most versatile type of vegetable oil and it provides the best nutritional balance of all popular cooking oils. This oil’s light, delicate taste makes it the perfect oil to be used in every recipe that calls for vegetable oil. Use it for sautéing fresh vegetables and lean meats, or mix it with your favorite spices, and herbs to make marinades. This 128 Fluid Ounce Pure Wesson Canola Oil is versatile and can also be used for deep frying, salad dressings, pan frying and baking. It’s shelf-stable and contains 0g trans-fat per serving and is free from cholesterol.
Wesson Pure Canola Oil, 0g Trans Fat, Cholesterol Free, 128 fl oz

One (1) 1-gallon container Wesson Pure Canola Oil
Light, delicate flavor and nutritional value make it an excellent base for marinades and vinaigrettes
Highly versatile cooking oil for grilling, baking, frying and more
Contains 0 grams of trans fat and is cholesterol free
Purchase Wesson Pure Canola Oil so you taste the food, not the oil