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Dealing with textured skin and stubborn hyperpigmentation? Opt for this super gentle and ultra-lightweight 10% Mandelic Acid Treatment that’ll do abracadabra to said concerns. Whisk the dark marks away with a couple droplets and watch the magic happen! Derived from bitter almonds, this AHA chemically exfoliates your skin to remove dead cells and reveal a smoother, firmer and brighter complexion. Uniquely blended with retinol, this treatment works to also regulate oily skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Loaded with incredible skin-loving ingredients that work harmoniously together to promote glass-like skin, there’s no doubt that this treatment is sure to become a permanent fixture in your regimen…

Shake well before use and use in PM only. Apply a thin layer onto cleansed skin. Leave to absorb before following with moisturiser. Be sure to use SPF in the AM as this product can increase sun sensitivity.